Tracy Roese

VO/Special Skills

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Voice Over Highlights

Title                                                    Role                                                Producer/Director

Star Trek Fan Film (2013)                          1st Officer Tam Elbrun (Co-Star)        Director Jonathan Adkins

TriCycle Studios (2014)                              Medical Policy Presentation                Adri Odu

Special Skills

Professional Singer    Exceptional Swimmer    Biking   Running    Horseback Riding    Basic Gymnastics 

Basic Stage Combat   Dancer    Comfortable with Heights    Comfortable with Moderate Stunt Work

Excellent with Animals and Children      Facially  Expressive      Certified Classroom Teacher   

Master’s Degree in Biology, Earth Space and  Forensic Science     Willing and Able to Travel Anywhere 

Speak Spanish Fluently    Non-smoker but can smoke believably    Intuitive and easy to direct

Good with medical, legal, scientific, and otherwise technical dialogue 

Able to learn accents and speak other languages

Extremely dependable